Equality Statement

Saint Lawrence CE Primary School approaches equality by:
• Valuing all learners regardless of disability, ethnicity, culture, national status,
national origin, gender or faith
• Recognising, respecting and valuing difference and understanding diversity is a
strength. We strive to remove barriers and disadvantages people may face
• Fostering positive attitudes and relationships between people with different
backgrounds, gender, cultures, faiths, abilities and ethnic origins
• Fostering a shared sense of cohesion and belonging. We want all members of our
school community to feel a sense of belonging within the school and wider community and to feel that they are respected and able to participate fully in school life
• Observing good equalities practice for our staff. We ensure that policies and procedures benefit all employees and potential employees in all aspects of their work, including recruitment and promotion, and in continuing professional development
• Having the highest expectations of all our children. We expect that all pupils can make good progress and achieve to their highest potential
• Working to raise standards for all pupils
• Eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation
• Encouraging everyone in our school community to gain a positive self-image and
high self-esteem