Meet the Classes

The organisation of our classes

The children in our school are taught in seven classes – one for each year group.

Reception: ‘Robins’ Class

Year 1: ‘Wagtails’ Class

Year 2: ‘Wrens’ Class

Year 3: ‘Starlings’ Class

Year 4: ‘Woodpeckers’ Class

Year 5: ‘Kestrels’ Class

Year 6: ‘Owls’ Class

House Teams

The children throughout the school are organised into four house teams. We take the names from different Cathedral cities – LINCOLN, YORK, DURHAM and CANTERBURY. Each house team has a boy and girl house captain elected from Year 6. All the children try to earn points for their House Team (and themselves) by completing good work, trying their best, setting a good example, being kind to others etc. Each week the captains count up the points to see which House Team has won. At the end of the year a shield is presented at Prize Giving to the winning House Team captains.

When a child has earned 12 House Points they receive a BRONZE certificate, presented in our special Celebration Worship each Friday. Another 12 points earns the SILVER certificate and the final 12 points – 36 in total – earns a GOLD certificate and a BOOK PRIZE to keep! How many points will your child earn?

During the year there are various sports activities when the House Teams earn points. The winning House Team has the ribbon on the Sports Cup.