Meet the Governors

On behalf of the Governors, may I offer you a very warm welcome to our website, one of many ways in which we communicate to anyone with an interest in the life of our school.

We are extremely proud of our school here in Skellingthorpe, and our successes, each as a direct result of the enthusiasm and energy of our children, the dedication of our staff and the support from both parents and friends.

The school is a Church of England Primary School and is proud of its strong Christian ethos.

We do hope that you find our website both informative and easy to use. However, we do appreciate that our website provides a snapshot into the life of our school. Therefore, should you require any further information or wish to visit us here at Saint Lawrence School, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to see you.

Colin Evans
Chair of Governors


Name Appointed Term Stepped down Appointed by Committee responsibilities
Kingsley Pace,
Foundation Governor
August 2017 in current role Temporary Ex-Officio n/a Diocese Teaching, Learning & Standards + Asset Management
Peter Shephard,
Foundation Governor
Mar 2015 Mar 2019 n/a Diocese Teaching, Learning & Standards Committee Chair
Colin Evans,
Chair of Governors,
Co-opted Governor
April 2014 December 2018 n/a Governing Body Teaching, Learning & Standards + Asset Management
Marion Watson,
Staff Governor
Ex Officio n/a n/a n/a Teaching, Learning & Standards + Asset Management
Frank Garrod,
Staff Governor
May 2017 May 2021 n/a Staff Teaching, Learning & Standards
Tim Bielby,
Parent Governor
December 2016 December 2020 n/a Parents Asset Management
James Joyce,
Parent Governor
December 2016 December 2020 n/a Parents Asset Management Committee Chair
Caroline Adams,
Co-opted Governor
December 2016 December 2020 n/a Governing Body not yet chosen
Valerie Turpin,
Co-opted Governor
April 2017 December 2021 n/a Governing Body Teaching, Learning & Standards
Co-opted Governor
n/a Governing Body
Co-opted Governor
n/a Governing Body
Co-opted Governor
n/a Governing Body
Foundation Governor
n/a Diocese
LEA Governor
n/a LEA
Lee Hancock April 2017 complete June 2018 Teaching, Learning & Standards
Brian Donner January 2014 complete January 2018 Asset Management
Richard Billinghurst Ex Officio n/a July 2017 n/a Asset Management
Adele Espin May 2016 complete May 2017 Teaching, Learning & Standards
Emily Mann January 2016 complete February 2017 Teaching, Learning & Standards
Robert Porter October 2013 complete December 2016 Asset Management

As well as business and pecuniary (financial) interests, governors in maintained schools must record the details of any other educational establishments they govern and any personal relationships with staff members in the school including
spouses, partners and relatives. Details of Governors’ interests can be found in our Governor Register of Interests (please click the link) which is updated annually and when any change is reported.

Foundation Governors

Mr Kingsley Pace

Temporary Ex-Officio Foundation Governor whilst a replacement Rector for Saint Lawrence Church is being sought. It is hoped the new Rector will become the permanent Ex-Officio Foundation Governor and Kingsley will then either return to his previous Co-opted status or fill the vacancy which has since arisen for a Foundation Governor upon the retirement of Brian Donner.

I was born in Carlisle in 1951 and attended Carlisle Grammar School. I felt called by God when I was 15 years old and was confirmed in 1967. I joined the Royal Air Force the same year and served until 2010 when I retired with the rank of Warrant Officer. I married in 1972 and we have 1 daughter and 3 sons as well as 1 grandson and 2 grand daughters. We moved to Lincolnshire in 1995 and soon afterwards became regular worshippers at Saint Lawrence Church Skellingthorpe. Prior to retiring from the RAF I decided to move to Skellingthorpe. When I retired from the RAF I decided to spend some of my spare time doing voluntary work. I started driving the community minibus. I offered my services to Mrs Watson at Saint Lawrence School and have recently started volunteering there.

Mr Peter Shephard

I am a retired Chief Education Officer who was responsible for the quality of education in nursery, primary and secondary schools within a local authority. I live in Skellingthorpe and I am a member of Saint Lawrence Church. I have provided professional support for a number of governing bodies as part of my local authority role and in the past have served as a governor on two different boards. I feel privileged to be a member of the governing body, supporting and challenging the school to develop outstanding practice, so that the children of Saint Lawrence School can achieve the best life chances through high quality provision.

Co-opted Governors

Mr Colin Evans

I am a retired NHS Director of Procurement. I worked in the NHS for nearly 42 years, the last 28 years being in Lincoln. I volunteered to be a School Governor upon my retirement from the NHS in March 2014. I don’t live in Skellingthorpe, but I was attracted to Saint Lawrence because of it being a Church school and its very strong Christian ethos. I don’t have any background in education, although I did “escape” into the NHS from a family of teachers, and do have one daughter who is a secondary school RE teacher on Merseyside.
Family is another big part of my life. I am married to Christine and we have 3 daughters, and 2 (soon to be 3) grand children.
Governors carry a significant responsibility, but I feel honoured to be a member of the governing body, supporting and challenging the school to continually improve performance. Giving all the children of Saint Lawrence School the opportunity to achieve their full potential is what drives us all.

Mrs Caroline Adams

My daughter is a pupil at the school and I would like to make a difference in order for her and her fellow pupils to get the most from the income streams and the budgets.
I have a qualifying law degree and was in the accountancy profession for over 10 years. This experience may help and support the finance team and strategic financial planning.

Mrs Valerie Turpin

I have lived in Skellingthorpe for over ten years. I have four grown-up children and five grandchildren. I strongly believe that a sound education in a happy environment is very important for young children and I hope that I can play my part as a Governor in ensuring this for youngsters at Saint Lawrence School.

Staff Governors

Mrs Marion Watson

I have been in the teaching profession for the best part of thirty years and a Headteacher for about half of those. Being a governor is part of the Headteacher’s role, but I enjoy working as a member of this team, making decisions for the good of the whole school family.  Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my husband (and two grown-up sons when they are about). I like to spend time gardening and singing (sometimes together) to relax.

Mr Frank Garrod

I am the Year One class teacher at Saint Lawrence’s. My own experiences as a pupil underpinned my desire to become a primary school teacher, every day I aim to enthuse the children in my class with the same motivation. I took the opportunity to become a staff governor as I would like to improve my understanding of the administrative side of a primary school. I am very enthusiastic about sports, I have been given the role of PE co-ordinator and I look forward to continuing to raise the profile of PE and sport at Saint Lawrence’s.

Parent Governors

Mr Tim Bielby

I have lived in Skellingthorpe for 17 years, but I grew up in Hull. My twin daughters started at Saint Lawrence in 2016, so I hope to play a significant role in the development and future strategy of their school in the years to come.

I have been in Cinema Management for around 20 years, having worked in various Odeon Cinemas around the UK. I have a Business Studies degree, enjoy cycling (mostly to and from work!) and spend most of my spare time looking after my children.

Mr James Joyce

I am currently a serving member of the Royal Air Force and have lived in Skellingthorpe for the past 5 years. My daughter started reception class in Sep 16 and enjoys school life to the full. She has an infectious enthusiasm for Saint Lawrence’s which I think brings great credit to the staff and the school’s ethos. I have previous experience as a governor and hope that I can help to shape the school’s future direction so that all children can fulfil their potential.

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Sally Langley


Governor Meeting Attendance Record this year (2017-18)

Name FGM#1
n/a n/a n/a X n/a
n/a n/a X
X n/a
X n/a n/a n/a X n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a
n/a n/a n/a X n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a X X

Governor Meeting Attendance Record last year (2016-17)

Name FGM#1 29.9.16 TLS#1 18.10.16 AM#1 8.11.16 FGM#2 6.12.16 TLS#2 19.1.17 AM#2 10.1.17 FGM#3 7.2.17 AM#3 7.3.17 TLS#3 9.3.17 AM#4 20.3.17 FGM#4 25.4.17 TLS#4 16.5.17 AM#5 23.5.17 FGM#5 13.6.17
Caroline Adams
n/a n/a X
Richard Billinghurst n/a n/a X n/a n/a
Brian Donner n/a n/a n/a X n/a
Adele Espin n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Colin Evans
Frank Garrod
Lee Hancock X n/a
James Joyce
Emily Mann n/a X n/a X n/a
Kingsley Pace
Robert Porter n/a
Peter Shephard n/a X n/a n/a n/a n/a
Valerie Turpin
Marion Watson

The structure and responsibilities of the Governing Body and Committees

The full details of the structure of our Governing Body can be found in our Code of Governance (please click the link).

In summary, the Governing Body comprises up to fifteen Governors: a Chair, the Headteacher, a Staff Governor, Foundation Governors, Local Authority Governor, Co-opted Governors and Parent Governors. They are served by a Clerk to Governors.

The role of the Governing Body is to provide the strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school. Ensure that the Christian values and ethos of the school is upheld. Support and challenge the effectiveness of the school. Ensure accountability for the outcomes achieved, quality of education and leadership and management provided. Ensure that all statutory responsibilities are fulfilled.

TRIAL OF NEW STRUCTURE- temporary addendum
From September 2018 – July 2019 Governors have elected to trial a new structure whereby all ‘ordinary’ meetings of the Governing Body i.e. Full Governors’ Meetings, Teaching Learning and Standards Committee Meetings and Asset Management Committee Meetings will be merged into seven (or more if necessary) Full Governors’ Meetings. Committee Chairs remain in role as Vice Chairs. The individual policies that reference the two committees will not be altered especially to reflect this new structure whilst it is still in the trial process.