Our Mission and Aims a solid foundation of Christian values



We are passionate about learning and proud to shine in our achievements.  Every day we learn within a culture that values effort and enables us to achieve our best.  Our relationships are influenced by the Christian values of our ethos.

The learning experience within our school family is built upon three fundamental foundations which will lead us to fulfil our mission:

A] A passion about learning

  • We know how we like to learn and learn about ourselves. We can get better at learning which means we can learn more and learn better.
  • We have strategies for organising our thinking. We have a sense of curiosity. We enjoy exploring and discovering our creativity.
  • We can work in teams and collaborate. We also have the ability to work independently.
  • We celebrate success, cope with change and manage disappointment. We know that it’s fine to make mistakes and get things wrong because mistakes are often the best way to learn. We routinely plan, develop and reflect. We can manage time and use our initiative.


B] Pride in our achievements and efforts to succeed

  • We develop our thinking and learning as highly as we are able to and make the best possible progress in all areas of learning.
  • We have dreams and ambitions for the future – but know we’ll only achieve them if we invest the effort and model ourselves on achievers. We show a curiosity and a desire to develop our knowledge, understanding and skills. We know that effort is the main way we will succeed.
  • We know how to access what is needed when it is needed. We evaluate objectively and decide on the reliability of information gathered.
  • We make links between obtained information and existing knowledge. We question, reason logically, make informed decisions and choices and apply ourselves to problem-solving.


C] Relationships that shine out as living examples of our values  

  • The Christian values [Love, Honesty, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Peace, Patience, Hope] of our ethos influence a developing ‘moral compass’ and nurture our personal behaviour choices. We understand rights and responsibilities.
  • We know how to relate in a variety of contexts and can manage personal relationships. We support and look after others. We communicate effectively with one another and the wider community.
  • We show awareness of cultural and social differences – respecting the wider community and the diverse world in which we live.
  • We understand the social implications of technology and know how to stay safe.  We manage risk and uncertainty in a healthy way.




The School Development and Improvement Plan

Our aim as a school is to continue to improve to make us the best that we can be. Each year the staff and governors work together to plan our future priorities and these form our School Development and Improvement Plan.  If we do this well our young people will:

  • Be independent learners and develop a life-long love of learning.
  • Have nurturing relationships.
  • Achieve highly, make good progress and celebrate achievement.

The school has set objectives to ensure that all teachers know what each child needs and that their planning and delivery of lessons is consistently outstanding.  This will enable all of our pupils to meet and exceed their targets, and to achieve the very best that they can.

Our latest Ofsted Inspection Report confirms that our objectives are mostly being met and as a school our aim is to continue the good progress and become an outstanding school.

Our Christian Values