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The History of Saint Lawrence School

Saint Lawrence Primary School PlaygroundSaint Lawrence C. E. School has its origins in the year 1855 when it was established for “the education of the children of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the Parish of Skellingthorpe. The conveyance of the land which was “a piece upon which an ancient cottage now stands occupied by William Andrews, being one rood or thereabouts and being part of a larger garden ground forming the glebe and being part of a larger garden ground …..and by land belonging to Christ’s Hospital“. A later conveyance dated 10th September 1855 conveyed a further rood of land adjacent to that previously granted on land “at present occupied by John Goode Stevenson and being part of a larger pasture piece called Stony Yard”. The Governors of Christ’s Hospital donated £100 towards the establishment of the school which was opened in 1855 when the Headmaster, Mr. Joseph Allison, took up residence in the school house where he remained until June 22nd 1877.

You may notice in the playground a plaque from Christ’s Hospital, London; it can be seen in the background of the picture of our Headteacher, Mrs Marion Watson, and in the school crest.

In 1952, as a temporary measure, hutted classrooms and toilets were established and in 1969 the school had a small addition built on when refurbishment was planned to be done in four phases, three of which were completed in September 1991 with the provision of a new hall, one classroom and toilets. During that year the oldest part of the building, the 1855 section was remodelled and the 1960s addition refurbished along with the demolition of the 39 year old hutted classrooms! Further accommodation was provided in 2002 as the school stands today.

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Saint Lawrence Archives

Log Book Archive

We have in our possession some old log books kept by the headteachers of the school, dating back to the 1860s. We are planning on digitising the pages of these log books for the archivists and genealogists amongst you. Please check back to this page periodically to see the progress and old photographs from our archives.