The Arts


At Saint Lawrence School it is our firm belief that we should enhance and enrich all children’s learning; we are all committed to the arts curriculum.  Art and design, dance, drama and music therefore have their own place as subjects but they are also planned into our Learning Journeys.  We believe that the conscious use of skills and creative imagination are developed through these subjects.

All children are entitled to a range of high quality arts experiences.  These experiences will be acquired in a number of ways – through the arts curriculum, extra-curricular clubs, sharing and celebrating achievements, visits and through our network partnership.  To enjoy and achieve in the arts is important to us.

Music teaching in our school enables children to develop appreciation of music and can increase a child’s self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Some children take the opportunity to receive specialist tuition on a range of instruments in school. Music exercises the brain in a completely different way to other subjects and yet complements the rest of the curriculum beautifully. It enables every child to take part and succeed and, most importantly, enjoy what they’re doing. To that end the school employs its own music specialist teacher as well as drawing on the skills and expertise of outside professionals.mm_school_logo_web
We are thrilled to be a member of Music Mark, which is the national subject association for music education.
As a School Member of Music Mark our school:
-recognises the value of music education as part of a broad, balanced and relevant school curriculum.
-demonstrates our willingness to engage in the development and improvement of music provision for all children and young people within our school community.

Children engage with a variety of art forms on a regular basis in order to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings.  We provide our children with a high quality arts curriculum with range and depth. Children develop the ability to create, appreciate and make critical judgements about artworks. Each child is encouraged to work independently and in teams, to share arts experiences and present artworks to others. We provide opportunities to develop an understanding of the role of the arts in society including the artwork of different cultures.

In addition to the use of drama and dance to support within Learning Journeys, children have opportunities to work alongside dance professionals and theatre companies, in order to enhance the learning experience.